Research & Development

1. Advantaged technology:

Sulfur recycling technology created by Changyi Petrochemical Co Ltd. The process procedures include the "double Klaus process + selective reduction + selective oxidation + catalytic oxidative desulphurization."

2. Technology overview:

The company organized 11 projects of scientific research in 2011, with three projects supported by ChemChina's fund.

A total of 37 patent applications were filed in 2011, 16 more than the previous year. Nineteen patents were authorized, 15 more than the prior year.

The company also formulated 11 business standards in 2011. 

The company applied for 40 patents in 2012, including a patent for invention, and authorized 50 patents.

The company applied for 34 patents in 2013, including three patents for inventions, and authorized 59 patents.

3. High-tech companies:

Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co Ltd was officially recognized as high-tech company in 2009 in Heilongjiang province, along with a certificate number of GR200923000012.

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