The company hopes that the following Q& A would help our new staff, as well as those having applying for a job here.

1. How to apply ?
Click "Hiring" on our website to check for job openings.

2. What education background or work experiences do I need for a particular job?
The company has been involved in numerous industrial fields that require various job skills. Please read the detailed information about each vacant position to apply for a job position that is suitable for you.

3. What's the best ways to apply for a job?
The most efficient method would be through the on-line application procedure.

4. How do I prepare for the interview?
An interview provides an opportunity for the company and its interviewees to learn more about each other. Prepare for the following :following:
1. Confirm all personal and career- related information, including the time, date, location, of the interview along with your career profiles and certificates.
2. Write down questions you want to ask our company and about the position you are applying for.
3. Show sincerity during the interview by talking about your life experiences, specialties and interests.

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