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ChemChina UK Limited ("CCUK") is a company incorporated in England on 13th January 2015 with a share capital of GBP 10 million. CCUK is a wholly owned subsidiary of ChemChina Petrochemical Co., Ltd headquartered in China. Its ultimate parent company, China National Chemical Corporation, is a state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council in May 2004 under the administration of SASAC. With total assets over USD 2 trillion and sales revenue exceeding USD 2.4 trillion in 2013, it is ranked No. 355th amongst the Global Top 500 enterprises and the world’s 8th largest chemical company.

CCUK will be the London based trading platform of ChemChina Petrochemical Co., Ltd, operating closely alongside its sister company ChemChina (Singapore) Pte ltd ("CCSG") based in Singapore to achieve a 24 hours round the clock business cooperation. CCUK will be involved in the trading, storage and shipping of crude and fuel oils both for system supply into the refineries under ChemChina and for trading with counterparts. With a projected annual trade volume totaling 10 million tons, CCUK’s business scope will cover the Asia-Pacific region, Far East, Africa, North America and Europe, dealing with well-established national oil companies, international energy giants and international oil trading companies.

CCUK is continuously seeking to expand its list of reputable counterparties for diversifications and the creation of mutual trading opportunities. Our unique position and competitive advantages, strong corporate governance practices, transparency and growth potential have always been viewed favorably by the market and we’ve always enjoyed excellent working relationships with several of the world’s first class international banks.

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