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Changyi& Zhenghe Petrochemical Held Spring Customer Meetings to Boost Precision Marketing
Source: 油气股份有限公司 Date: 2019-04-29

On April 26th, Changyi & Zhenghe Petrochemical Spring Customer Meetings was held in Nanjing and Zhengzhou respectively.

Changyi Petrochemical conducted in-depth communication with about 400 customers from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui, where the Company’s main production equipment and product features were introduced in detail to the guests. Economic experts were invited to analyze the macroeconomic and crude oil market changes in 2019 in depth. The participating customers all said that they were benefited a lot from explanation by experts. The ordering session in the afternoon led up the meeting to a climax. In the presence of all guests, nearly 150 customers placed orders and paid the deposit on site. The order quantity exceeded 400KT, which made headway in occupying surrounding markets of Yangtze River Delta and the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Zhenghe Petrochemical’s Products Promotion Meeting had more than 50 gas stations, chambers of commerce and petrochemical enterprises from Henan, and more than 100 customers attending. The Meeting was themed on “Keep Going, Stay Grateful, Join Hands and Create Greater Glories”. Zhenghe Petrochemical made systematical introduction of its development process, product upgrading, quality control and corporate culture. And petroleum experts were invited to exchange views with the guests in terms of development status and future trends of the refining industry and the status quo and future development direction of the refined oil circulation. During the meeting, Zhenghe Petrochemical and customers reached agreement about more than 30 cooperation projects, with orders of more than 500 KT products placed on site, which laid a good foundation for the in-depth expansion of Henan market.

The success in spring customer meeting of Changyi and Zhenghe Petrochemical further broadened the marketing channels and facilitated the development of target markets. As outgoing sales strategy is increasingly prominent, the customer meeting will close the gap between the Company and external customers and enhance the customer cohesion. It has laid a solid foundation for “target markets oriented, innovative marketing model, refined management and precise marketing” strategy.

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